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When will we return to Normal Life, with easing Precautionary Measures? Health Spokesperson responds

Ministry of Health response to "When will we return to Normal Life, with easing Precautionary Measures?"

The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia Muhammad Khaled Al-Abdali revealed the possibility of easing the precautionary measures during the coming period.

During press conference held Today, He said that there is an evaluation by the competent and concerned authorities, stating that they always monitor the situation and develop best practices and best procedures for the next phases.

- He added that, we have full confidence, as we have succeeded in previous periods, we are sure that we will succeed in the coming period. Trending : Preventing from boarding planes in Saudi Arabia for those who did not complete their vaccination

- Al-Abdali explained that any measures that will be taken or any assessment that results in any changes or taking measures regarding the precautionary measures, are matters in which we are confident, but the “most important thing” is that individuals must stick to the precautionary measures, and take the initiative to complete receiving the doses, to move forward towards rid out of the pandemic.

- The spokesperson of the Health Ministry further added that, there is a misconception among some that gaining natural immunity after recovering from Covid-19 infection can be reliable and wait for several months before completing his vaccination with the second dose.

- He said that, "The immunity acquired after infection is never at the same level of immunity that can be obtained by receiving vaccines, and supplementing it with two doses, so it is very important to receive the two doses of the vaccine directly and quickly, and it is available immediately after recovery." Recommend : Imprisonment and fine for employer for using his worker for his personal benefit

- Today, Saudi Arabia announced 59 new Corona infections after performing 41,093 corona tests in the last 24 hours, The Ministry also reported 41 recoveries and 2 deaths, raising the total Covid-19 cases in the Kingdom to 547,591 after 29,382,555 corona tests, of which 536,626 recovered with 8,745 deaths.

- Active cases of Corona in the Kingdom is stable at 2,220 of which 139 are critical and are receiving treatment in intensive cares.

- Saudi government has vaccinated more than 43.52 million (43,527,247) doses of Corona vaccine all over the Kingdom, of which over 19.85 million (19,859,130) people received 2 doses, more than 23.66 million (23,668,117) people received first dose and the elderly people received 1,671,249 doses of vaccine against Corona virus. Follow Saudi Expatriates on IMO

When will we return to Normal Life, with easing Precautionary Measures Health Spokesperson responds - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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