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What is a health card and how can it be made 2022, Full Explain

Friends, first of all you are warmly welcome on this blog. Today we will know through this article what is a health card, and how it is made etc. so let's know

To overcome the health-related problems of the people in the country, the government has started the scheme of Health Card. 

With the creation of a health card, it will be easier for people to treat them and they will not have to roam around with files in hospitals.

The Central Government has launched the 'One Nation One Health Card' scheme under the National Digital Health Mission. 

This scheme is considered to be a very important step in the field of health. Under this scheme, the health cards of the people of the country are going to be made. 

What is a health card and how can it be made

With this card many problems related to the health of the people will be overcome.

Villagers will get big benefit

He said that the villagers would benefit greatly from this service. Through Health ID, a patient sitting in Jharkhand will be able to consult a doctor in Delhi, AIIMS. 

If his disease will not be complicated, then doctors will be able to cure the patient only by giving digital consultation, that is, the patient will not need to go from Jharkhand to Delhi for treatment. 

Health ID will make tele-consultation and tele-medicine facilities easy and effective. There will be a need to go to the hospital only then the patient will go to the hospital, otherwise he will be treated digitally. 

This will cut down on health-related expenses and you will not have to travel for treatment.

Health ID is mandatory or not?

Health ID is mandatory or not? Or will it be made mandatory in the future? On these questions, Dr. Sharma said that it is not absolutely mandatory, nor will it be made mandatory in future. 

It is only to provide benefits of health facilities to the people.

What is a health card? A health card will contain every information related to the health of the person. The information will be registered in digital form. 

This includes tests done during treatment, doctor's report, discharge report, etc. 

Due to having all the information on this card, patients will not have to take files, reports etc. to the doctor and gathering all the health information at one place will make treatment easier.

How to make a digital health card?

Process of making health card Health card can be made online. For this, Health ID can be created by visiting the official website of National Digital Health Mission. 

It can be created through both Aadhar and mobile numbers. Both the options are given on the website. By choosing one of these options, its numbers will have to be filled. 

After this, it's OTP will come on the mobile number. After entering the OTP, you will have to fill the details asked in the details and click on submit and after that your health card ID will be generated. 

It will contain all the information about your health and you will be able to use it in future.

What is the eligibility for getting a health card, any citizen of the country can get a health card made. There is no restriction on anyone in this. 

It depends on the person's desire whether he wants to get a health card or not.

Is privacy at risk or not?

Linking all health-related information on a digital platform at one place is a threat to privacy or not? On this question, Dr. Sharma said that the purpose of this scheme is not to expose the health history of the people. 

This will not harm your privacy. This will make it easy for you to access all your health-related documents in real time.

What are the benefits of this?

Creating a Health ID will have many benefits. Dr. Sharma said that your health history will be in one place, due to which you will be able to get the right and necessary treatment easily. 

Doctors always want to know their health history from any patient. This will be possible with Health ID. Along with this, you will get rid of the rounds of getting tested again and again. 

All your test reports will be digitally in front of the doctor through the records of your Health ID.


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