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What is LIC and why take insurance from LIC?

What is LIC? And why take insurance from LIC only? It is necessary to have financial security for the happiness of life. 

For the financial security mentioned in the previous post, a life insurance policy must be taken. There are many insurance companies working in the market.

For this, it is necessary to choose the right insurance company. The main objective of buying an insurance policy is protection afterlife. 

What is LIC and why take insurance from LIC

What is LIC and why take insurance from LIC?

But, every company's policy is different. Some companies pretend so much in giving claims that along with the claim, the deposited money has to be forgotten.

What is LIC?

How to choose a good insurance company? LIC is the best option for this. The claim settlement ratio of LIC is very good. 

'Life Insurance Corporation of India' has kept its position at the top in the insurance sector so far. LIC is known by many names.

(a) Life Insurance Corporation Of India

(b) L.I.C of India

Some information about LIC

·          Life Insurance Corporation of India was started on 1st September 1956.

·         The objective of LIC from the very beginning was to spread life insurance on a large scale.

·         So that every citizen of the country can get adequate financial assistance at a reasonable rate.

·         As of 2016, LIC had 2048 branch offices across India.

·         There are 100 division offices, 7 zonal offices, and more than 1200 satellite branch offices in India.

·         Around 18000 plus premium points are open.

·         Where you can easily pay a premium, and also know about your policy.

·         There are approximately more than 1020 Life Plus offices.

·         Today 8 regional training centers are open all over India, where information about LIC is given.

·         There are 33 sales training centers across India.

·         Today there are more than 40 such banks that are selling LIC policies.

·         There are more than 33900 LIC's CLIA (Chief Life Insurance Advisor).

·         LIC has more than 70 customer care locations, where phones can be used to get car policy information.

·         There are more than 115453 employees working in the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

·         There are more than 1335000 life insurance agents. Those who are working in far-flung towns, villages, cities, and are giving you information about LIC's plans.

·         Apart from LIC, one has to go somewhere else, himself, and even after getting in line, the work is not done.

·         LIC is such an organization that from the opening of the account till maturity, does all the work sitting at home.

·         LIC has such a methodology that directly benefits the customer.

·         LIC 2900000000 (providing services to more than twenty-nine crore policyholders.

·         For the year 2014-2015, 742243 (seven lakh for forty-two thousand two hundred and forty-three) death claims were paid by the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

·         These were the claims that he took the policy of LIC and after a few years he died, instead of which the claims were paid to his nominee.

·         In the year 2014-2015, 9055.18 crores (nine thousand fifty-five decimal one eight thousand crores) has been paid by the corporation as death claims.

·         LIC has a huge contribution to the five-year plan

Why take insurance from LIC?

You must be able to understand from the above-mentioned things, why only LIC? This is the pride of the country. 

Why should you take a life insurance policy from LIC, for this, many things have been explained below.

·         This is a government company.

·         Its claim payment is made on time.

·         It lives up to its tagline “Jeevan Saath Bhi, Jeevan Baad Bhi”.

·         The money deposited here is safe in any case.

·         Its purpose is to provide financial security to people living in rural areas as well.

Officers, agents, and account holders of Life Insurance of India must share their experience in the comment box below. 

To become a LIC Agent, contact any nearest LIC Office or contact Ashish Kumar at 8700282908.

LIC (Life Insurance of India) is a government insurance company in India. It is more secure as compared to private insurance companies. 

Before buying an insurance policy from any company, definitely dress it with LIC's plan.


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